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Why Purchase From Allstar Signings 4u ?

Why Purchase from Allstar Signings 4U ?

After many years of collecting autographs as a hobby & having been fortunate enough to have made many prime contacts throughout predominantly the football world, the decision was made to trade on a full time basis, hence the beginning of Allstar Signings 4U ltd. Registered as a limited company back on January 6th 2005, Companies House number 5325267.

We are both autograph dealers and collectors, having amassed a vast personal collection of sporting memorabilia, most noatably England 1966 World Cup Autographs of the whole 22 man squad / coaching staff along with souvenirs / ephemera from the tournament.

Since day one of trading it's always been our policy to place the customer first and sell only Genuine Hand Signed, Quality items of Sporting Memorabilia. During our privately arranged signing sessions with the sporting greats, each item we pay to have signed is treated as if it was our own, something we''d be proud of having in our own home / sports club. With this in mind, every item you purchase will be of the highest quality.

How do you know it's authentic, well we take photographs of the stars signing during each and every private signing session arranged. Admitedly some of our early signed items, before memorabilia became big business may not have this luxury, however you will still receive our company COA (certificate of authenticity) plus Lifetime Guarantee of authenticity.

We don''t purchase autographs from sources unknown to us for obvious reasons, take for example ebay as it''s estimated that 90% of signed memorabilia is FAKE. Studying the marketplace as we do, we cannot reiterate strongly enough to anyone, purchase from a reliable source, such as ourselves, from someone who can show you PROOF and give details of when and where the signing took place. Browse our signing gallery to view proof of items we have had signed in the past.

  1. All items purchased from Allstar Signings 4U ltd are 100% guaranteed authentic.
  2. All items purchased come with our Company COA, which will have phtographic proof incorporated, where applicable. 
  3. All items come with a lifetime guarantee.
  4. You can be assured all our items are 100% hand signed by the said person/s with Quality in mind.
  5. Ask any questions you wish with regards to any signature we advertise, you will find us open and friendly.
  6. We offer you our full Bespoke Framing service.
  7. Having supplied to dealers/collectors worldwide shipping overseas is NO problem.
  8. Hosting your own charity sporting dinner, why not let us supply you with memorabilia to raise funds for your nominated charity, everything can be supplied sale or return as necessary.

Allstar Signings 4U ltd provide the personal touch, with you the customer being No1, not having a shop and the burden of strangling overheads, we can offer you the BEST in Sporting Memorabilia at AFFORDABLE prices!!!!